Living Vibrantly!

Why SOL Tribe?

We are spiritual beings investigating the joys of love and form. We are artists. Mystics. Intellectual and intelligent, soft and strong. We are scientists and Communitarians. Freedomists.

We are children and parents, we are students and lessons. We are a family continuum inside of a nomadic tribe, at the heart keeping it centered and real. We are intuitive, sensitive, and unflappable. We are natural networkers. Cosmic and realistic, we bring culture and primal skillshare with our arrival. We transport people and supplies, food and music. We are excited to be responsible for our own waste. We are compost cheerleaders! We believe very strongly in local real foods, farmer/wildcrafter/gardener relationships, and feeding people healing whole meals for free.

Oh yeah, service work is the cornerstone of our daily meditation.

We unschool and do not separate life from learning. We move further and further from judgment and closer towards curiosity and inclusions. We are kind to animals, study nature-based education designs, and play well with our neighbors. We have lived in teepees, yurts, huts, cabins, trees, and country abodes and have broken bread with people from all walks, roles, and archetypes. We are share-ers. We are lovers.

We bring the peace. We bring the fun!


Important to Us:

  • Family/alternative family design/non-gender based roles/intuative tribalism
  • Local economy/foods/schools
  • Trade/barter/exchange/reuse/gifting/energy currency
  • Personal responsibility
  • Unconditionality
  • Love
  • Freedomunreal
  • Information
  • NVC
  • Riding the highs and lows together, supportivly
  • Getting to know people in context/curiosity in place of judgement
  • Magic
  • Spirit
  • Science
  • Creation
  • Chaos
  • Healing
  • Play
Are we headed your direction?

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