UPDATE! December, 2012

—-> December, 2012!    Here’s What I am Thinking:

We are advancing our adventure RIGHT NOW. My inquiry keeps in vision the future, but we are ready to head forward right now.


We have a bus (40ft converted into cozy living space, working towards sustainable systems through use of recycled items… eco-ghetto style!)… We left Oregon last April and traveled the United States. We just returned to the west coast, and we are bubbling at our brim with energy to plug in! We are interested in visiting communities and collective projects, sometimes for days/weeks/or a full season. Also, joining other nomadic families and tribes is focus.

We would like to create family and community with other creative beings. We wish to weave a route of helpfulness and home-sense throughout Oregon and California. We can be runners, bringing supplies and people from place to place, when in motion. When still, we can be anything! Farmers, performers, teachers….

We were on mark to be in Mexico right now, gathering for peace. Instead, we are focusing on taking our lessons from our recent years and live our dream here… a living example of conscious intention and humanitizing love. Basically, we want to kick it in Cali seasonally and Oregon seasonally, being as epic and beautiful and real as possible!


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