Why SOL Tribe?

stephI left home very early, and assumed that a college education was my grand adventure. Sociology and Anthropology. I was already studying archetypes and micro-cultural developments throughout time. My focus was on both cycles and anomaly. My goal; observe new and practical applications for global consensual realities and conflict navigation that bypasses triggers (like confusion or fear). I loved my research, but it brought me to an awakening and clarity that prohibited me from sitting in a classroom for even one more moment.


I had looked behind the curtain, so to speak. What was seen cannot be unseen. I quickly came to the understanding that any outrage without personal change was pointless. All of my research suggested that modeling behaviors was more impacting to social collective changes than philosophy or text theory. I realized that I had a social and personal responsibility to live my ideals.

….. I did not make it much further in a classroom, that is for sure! I embarked on an adventure that is no longer separable from my day-to-day life. For instance, this adventure has embowered me through the non-assisted home births of my three children. My path took me towards continuum-focused child rearing, relationship-oriented learning, and cultivation of intimacy and creative spirit.

I put myself on a path of genuine and authentic living. Since then I have dedicated my life to being in trust of the cosmos, essentially. Being slanted towards both hard science conceptualization and abstract spiritualized conceptualization, I started to recognize similarities across the board. I live happier and fuller now…. a fearless adventure of playfulness and service. I have experience, references, and amazing stories!

SOL Tribe for me, today….

I would love to find myself with the creative spaciousness to “produce”; I art in many mediums, write in a variety of voices and purposes, preform my own work, and enjoy energetic arts life tarot reading, deep astrology chart examinations, massage, ecstatic dance, and dog training.

Furthermore, my kiddos are naturally attracted towards creative expression, art, and music. I want to participate in supportive environments and share the gifts we are. I am attracted to places and experiences where my children have access to full age spectrum of other children and peaceful revolutionary-minded adults.

sora2My dedication is towards being a facilitator and steward for my children as they transition into the world does not resemble anything our current culture has models for or a context of. We are living solutions, and learning while we teach. The children can navigate any community or culture naively.

I have had a vivid and lucid dream since childhood. I wish to manifest this dream and thrive with my children in environments that allows for the birth of our creative spirits and/or the application of our collected experience and magical/energetical gifts. I am called to create a real-life experience in honor of my primal dream that displays a solution (and joy!) for the imbalance of our current culture options…. A way to co-create balance. This may look like season transitions (from city to country, from forest to the road, etc). I know that it will put us in a place of service and reception.

I am watching the manifest of visions and dreams, rapidly. Everywhere I look, in daily life and in the media, I am seeing examples of “my” dream. These are very exciting and unique times that we are in presently, and our family is right in the epicenter of a cultural transition and (hopefully!) a creative energy and spiritualization shift for our current timeline.

zion2 I am hopeful for immersive experiences (feeding people in the community organic meals from donated or gleaned local ingredients) and retreat (removal from distraction for meditation, primal recall, and to support joy and inner peace). I see purpose for us in both realms, as natives… we need to support our subtle magical selves, we gain joy from participation in chopping wood or collecting berries, AND we are technical badasses, we enjoy dining together in the city with community at soup kitchens, volunteering for needle exchanges or doing clean up after evenings, etc.

In order to stay in balance (considering that all three children are in tow and not separated from full-spectrum life) we shift our environment. Our engagements have different requirements of us, of course. Sometimes we are participating and living with a community for a season or two, or sometimes we are called to help with projects that only last a weekend. Regardless of how long-term our view is, the experience is cherished.


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