UPDATE! January, 2013

—-> Update January 26th, 2013  Still Looking Forward 

Our bus has been in the shop for a few weeks. We just got her home tonight! It is like a happy birthday gift to Scottie Booms (1/26). I will make a post soon to tell the story of living urban-ly with the fam-fam without the bus!

A list is in the works, describing the values we have to offer to our cosmic family. So far, I have the sexy part done and nothing else. Eros Erotic Healing!

We either are creating a network of places to park at and plug in for heat at night or joining up with a community soon. I think. I could be wrong, we may end up camping or on the road towards far off adventure, but it sure seems like we are keeping it simple and collecting each other after being on the road for most of a YEAR!

I am not sure exactly what I am looking for, mostly because of how flexible we are by design. We do have the bus and can be bustribe exclusively. I am also vibing a fusion of bus and auxiliary space. I think that creative sharing someone’s big house if they wanted to live experimentally and poly… OR a cabin or yurt or teepee on property or a back yard… or a care taker type of arrangement with a vacant house…

We have our bus, and are ready to park at any place we are most helpful to,  and capable of doing energy exchange (including money when needed) to balance our footprint and if space is available for indoor use to us.

Most interested in adventures that position us in Oregon, Cali, or Mexico/South America. 

Being open to such a diversity of experiences has been by intention; our children are exposed and socially collected by such range of family energy. They are seeing a full spectrum of culture as “normal”, a broad range of family dynamics and life choices as possibilities, and are receiving the confidence and strength that comes from having a world of supportive characters and interested parties participating in their development. This will last and evolve throughout their full lifetime. – Stephanie ❤


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