Unschooling as a Family

I find the concept of UNSCHOOLING children very desirable.
What better way to get children to enjoy learning? Hands on is one of the ways I learn, as well as my son, and many others in the family. I went to traditional schools and it just flat out made me constantly feel judged. I have been homeschooling kids since kindergarten, and now we are at 7th grade. We have recently (this year) started unschooling and it’s working out great! I personally listen when my child talks, period, and when I see his interest in things soar I take it and apply it to learning, or should I say unlearning!
When there is a sport he enjoys we look into it’s HISTORY, write ENGLISH papers on it, there is just so much and all the while he is enjoying it which in turn helps him absorb the information . Kids need education YES but lets not limit their education to standards.

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