Family Continuum

busbabyThe first book I read that gave a vocabulary to what I was attracted towards intuativley was by Joseph Chilton Pearce. He is the author of The Magical Child, The Magical Child Returns, The Bond of Power, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, and Evolution’s End. He lectures worldwide on human intelligence, creativity, and learning. He is also involved with the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California. The book I picked up was The Magical Child. I was later attracted towards HeartMath, unknowing of Pearce’s participation. Here is an article entitled “HeartMath and The Magical Child”. I am including a piece from The Magical Child here on this blog, and I encourage anyone with a curious mind to please go read (and enjoy) it!

Reading The Magical Child introduced me to several concepts concretely that made sense to me subtly. My next literary adventure was through the pages of The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff. Already awakened to the matrices of transitions outlined by Pearce, I was deeper encouraged and validated by Liedloff’s outline of child development windows. I am including a post on this blog that really breaks it all down… Check out with the Continuum Concept is all about.


My parenting approach is typically subtle. There are things that other people take for granted, and when faced with something different, tend to resist or judge. This should not apply to my parenting and personal family choices, but it does. OFTEN. Other adults, often well meaning, step in to describe or administer “consequences” for my children. This is not my parental approach. What then? This article by Liedloff opens the floor well for the topic.

It was after Zion was born (2003) that I joined Mothering Forum. At the time, it was kickin chicken! I was connected with families locally (Portland, Oregon at the time) that seemed to “get” things the way that I did. I was introduced to Alphie Kohn and his elaborated work around the topic of Unconditional Parenting. I found support for what sometimes seemed an unheard of approach; resisting using control tactics, emotional manipulations, fear, resentment, guilt, shame, force, coercion, or punishment in my relationship with my children. I trust in the nature of my child.



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