UPDATE! February, 2013

——->UPDATE! February  13, 2013 SNEAKING UP ON UTOPIA!

I spent all day today struggling through a relationship with an iBook that does not know how to cope with new technology! I am sitting at a fast food join, Occupyin the internets. I started with a visualization, and I could easily see our next shift landing us in a variety of environments. From that imagery I distilled the following email. I spent several energy hours invested in spamming Craigslist and IC.org (okay, not REALLY spamming… researching and responding thoughtfully and doing my footwork… It just looked and felt a lot like spamming!):

Cosmic Salutation!

We are a beautiful artistic activist and green family of gardeners and merry makers. We have been living experimentally and nomadically for the last ten years. We just arrived back to Eugene in October, and before that we were traveling the whole USA!

Our bushome is struggling and it feels like fighting against the force of entropy. We have put all of our money, energy, and focus into repairing the bus and providing for the children while the bus is on the mend.  With the newest collection of challenges, clarity about un-sustainability is setting in. It is essential that we “land” somewhere for an amount of time, in order to avoid degradation of quality of life for the kids.

Thanks to our life design and parenting style, we are all ready to easily transition into a new environment. It may be for a season or for several seasons. It is exciting to make a 3 month (at least) projection forward, and vision together about what we are co-creating and where our collective story is writing us next. …. But even just a few days in a row of play and peace would be so collecting. Our focus keeps being drawn to the meeting of daily human needs and we have so much more to contribute into this reality than just being an example of fearless alt culture. We are ready to again ground and give; there is so much potential energy built up! We have so much experience and skills, tools and gifts! We want to be clearing black berries, sprouting micro greens, building experimental structures, finger painting with clay and flower based paints that we wildcraft ourselves… ETC.


  • A place to park the bus street-side or tucked in, and use the house communitarian style. The bus must plug in for minimal electric use (heat)
  • Room/rooms for rent or work/energy trade (we will store bus at a warehouse). We are accustomed to sharing small space (bus. yurts. teepees, tents, hostels, etc) and co-exist well
  • Our own rental. Under $1200 a month not including utilities, and an easy move in experience. We cannot come up with large move-in fee amounts because of the way we have adjusted our lives (this is why traditional renting of a house seems hard right now, but maybe you will want to work something out with us?)


  • Space to park the bus and homestead permaculture around the bus
  • Co-share a home and create together with the land
  • Creative use of structures, where we enjoy living radically in your barn or off grid cabin, yurt, etc.

Intentional Community:

Fit us into a vision. We are flexible and capable, ready and experienced. It would be amazing to have a small space to use as a self-reflective space to hold our family culture, but some of our favorite experiences have included extreme communitarianism and close quarter living.
We have good references. We can pay $1200 in rent or contribute up to $1400 monthly as a family, offset by energy exchange or work trade (which ever is of more value). We do not have up front large amounts of money for a transition, as we live a life of intentional minimalism and right-sized-ness! ❤
We are two adults and three children. Do NOT let the number alarm you, we are nothing like you have context for in this culture. We know how to keep it real and be low impact and high vibrational!
THANK YOU for all consideration! Cosmic love!

Very 420 friendly, into locally sourced organic and wildcrafted foods, fermentations and kombuchas, yoga and energy work, continuum concept and radical parenting, art, OCF, and full spectrum unlocked namaste friendships ❤


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