Energy Exchange

Energy Exchange

It is our art to be a model of energy exchange. We want to bust through the scarcity myth and the illusion of isolation. Here is a list of the creative ways in which our tribe exchanges experience into offerings to our greater communities:

My understandings are influenced by my research and are colored artistically by my experiences. Freedom is essential for energy exchange, but I also feel like everything is actually free, just we are under a bit of a lull… an illusion I guess… and we exchange our freedoms for permissions by misplacing our energy. Oops?

I have a vision of creating and supporting an organic internet. A polyarch of people farming organically, seed saving, producing raw milk, wild crafting, relearing primal skills, living radically, and healing each other through touch, play, music, food, and compassion. I dream of creating poly-style tribal family continuum, nomadic resources, and alternative schools centered around community and new culture experiences.  Here is what makes me feel like I am different is that I AM DOING IT. I see emerging culture. I understand that we are stepping into new times.  I am learning by doing and I trust in what I am attracted towards. I cause no harm. I go where the universe points me, and I steer by my intentions and my heart (keeping family at my core). I know, hippie woo-woo stuff, but it is exactly how I live and am. So sure, I guess that makes me seem free, but I am sure that your spirit is just as free and that you have the life that you want in at least some ways!

I step into my freedom and usefulness by being in service. I am attracted to showing value to people in a way that does not mimic our current abusive energy currency system. We have choice.We do not need to produce anything to justify our rights to resources, love, education, safety, and art/play. No joke. I see that our culture grooms us to follow a carrot on the stick, and we are moved away from our humanity in the process. I think that if we put “happiness” behind some goal line called “success”, we will never allow ourselves to experience the truth joy of our living energy. We have been robbed of our choice to use our energy. Instead, we are stuck in this pattern of justifying our value by production. I say, get happy. GET HAPPY. Your value is inherent, now tell me, what do you WANT to do? What are you attracted towards?

This is beyond soap boxing, and shame or blame are not even relevant.


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