Erotic Healing

Living and Loving out loud!

Any sexual topic is safely open for sharing; kink, twist, taboo, stories, roll play (imagination is sacred magical space!) or sensory experience between consenting adults.

Goddess Energy Exchange

Goddess Energy is the full embodiment of something beautiful and amazing. There is a pure spirit of love that drives my sexuality, and that is an energy that has value. It is the same type of energy behind my tarot readings, my art work, and my natural abilities of creativity and nurture with children. All of those are things that can exchange. I wish to put my sexual energy into exchange. I believe in healing touch and orgasm bliss therapy!

I am full spectrum and I really believe in love, passion, validation, logic, joy, chaos, play, and sensory stimulation. I believe in the power of holding and being held. I am really excited to explore the universe inside of people, and share mine.

While each and every engagement is personalized and built together, here are examples of signature exchanges that are beautiful…

Energetic Services Include:

  • Personalized Erotic Fiction
  • Naked House Cleaning (eco-style with natural solvents)
  • Eros Tarot
  • Sexual Energy Field Manipulation and Cleanse
  • Nude Talk Therapy
  • Female Self-Love Education
  • Poly Dynamics Support (special focus on poly family design, tribal continuum, and queer/full spectrum partnering)
  • Naked Dance, Play, Art, and Singing Therapy
  • New Culture Cuddle Parties
  • Trigger Identification Guidework
  • Roll Playing and Fantasy Enactment (because play and imagination are sacred)
Lets talk about energy exchange. I am not into icky or creepy engagements. Unless it is consensual play, objectification vibes are not interesting to me. It would be sad if we subjected ourselves to old-guard dynamics where sex and money are leverage. Not what we are doin’ here! Opening up and examining taboos and triggers, sure. Prostitution, nope. I know that healing can be instant and love and touch are magical. I believe in the power of becoming our actualized selves! I am not desperate for anything, so that is not where my erotic drive is coming from. I require a lot of stimulation, in my life in general, and intellectual stimulation is very arousing. Trade, barter, and energy work give me a raging eco-hardon!
Energy Exchange:
  • Money, which I will use creatively and experimentally!
  • Organic groceries (juices, kombucha, etc) – might be the most important thing to me presently.
  • Body art – talk about a way to carry someone’s love energy and memory forever
  • Local herbs, 420, and earth-based medicines
  • Art! Art supplies…
  • Cool kid toys
  • Anything that helps me to help others
  • Really unique and unimaginable offers… I LOVE TO BE GIFTED!

Body Talk

Physical attraction can be understood as an invitation by life to explore what is behind an energy. When a being is self aware and activated, trusting in attractions can lead them into new experiences that expand and deepen the joys folded into our reality.
Allow the body to have a conversation; glands and soft tissues communicate enzymaticly. Flora and fauna exchange information, and there is a biological conversation in compliment to the energy we are swimming, the memories we create and associate, and in the emotions we experience. Yum!

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